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 About Me 

Alyssa Falcao is a self-taught emerging Toronto based artist, with 6+ years of painting experience & achievements. Alyssa's creative work includes a variety of mediums ranging from: pencil, digital and specializing in acrylic paint. Throughout the years her art has been an expression of feelings and moments in her life. Each piece she creates, continues to reflect her growth as a person and as an artist. Alyssa's work depicts an overall dreamy state of moments in time. 


With each piece being a time capsule of her life, she aims to have the viewers participate in finding their moments in her art as well.



"My goal as an artist is to make others feel through what I create"


To view recent achievements click HERE

Exhibitions: (Previous - Coming Soon)

Follow @aly.ssaart on Instagram for behind the scenes on current projects:

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