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"Ironman" is an original acrylic painting created by Alyssa Falcao. 


- 1 of 1 original painting 

- Dated and signed 

- 12" x 16" Canvas

- Mediums: Acrylic Paint, and Gloss Varnish 


Purchase of an original painting is FINAL SALE.


Please allow 2 - 3 weeks for processing time of your order before shipping.

Each order is hand packaged for you to receive the most love and care.

Purchase of this painting is for PERSONAL USE only!

Ironman - Original Painting

  • Care

    Keep in a room with a steady temperature and away from moisture. A humidity level of 45% with a temperature of 18-20 degrees celsius is ideal.

  • Inspiration

    This acrylic piece was born from the inspiration of a Marvel movie marathon during the 2020 COVID pandemic. As one of the first Marvel movies made, Iron Man remains one of the most recognizable and beloved superheroes in the Marvel universe, and one of my personal favourites. Using bold and lively colours, I approached this painting with a fresh perspective, bringing my own style and interpretation to the iconic character.

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